Our Palm Tree Gallery

15 gal Giant Bird of Paradise

A crown of banana-like leaves atop a palm tree trunk, combined with huge, uniquely beautiful flowers, is deserving of the name, "Bird of Paradise tree."

15 gal Dragon Trees

Dracaena Marginata or the Madagascar Dragon Tree is just one of many ..... to save the palm , there isn't very many leaves left on it and the stem is very spongy.

15 gal King Palm

The King Palm is the most stately and beautiful palm available for the Southern California climate. They are very hardy, drought tolerant requiring little water.

15 gal Queen Palms

The queen palm is a popular feather-leaved palm with graceful arching leaves. They are known for their glorious height and neat gray trunks; they can grow up to 50 feet tall.

25 gal Sago Palms

The sago palm (Cycas revoluta) is a popular houseplant known for its feathery foliage and ease of care. Sago palms prefer to be situated in well-drained soil.

Mediterranean Fan Palm

The Mediterranean fan palm is a gorgeous plant. It"s usually a clumping variety, occasionally solitary but that doesn't take anything away from its beauty.

Nursery Palms

California Palm Nursery is dedicated to providing California acclimated Palms and Palm Trees such as King Palm

Silver Bismarkia Nobilis

Bismarkia nobilis means noble and stately which is exactly what this palm is. A truly magnificent and very rarely offered palm, the leaves when young are an enormous presence.